Your senior photo is a statement about YOU: where you come from, what you value, how you see yourself. You will want your lasting Senior images to reflect the real you – not the run-of-the-mill pretty/handsome backdrop that you have seen a thousand times.

Before you schedule time with a photographer, ask yourself, “What environment reflects ME at this point in time?” Is it a skate park? A library? A single track? A stream at sunset?

I guarantee that I will take amazing photos of you at any location. But no matter how good the photo, you will not be happy if the location does not represent YOU.

Before we meet, write down a few adjectives that describe you or the feelings you want to evoke in your photos(s): historic, romantic, natural, fancy, urban, edgy, sporty, quiet, whimsical, musical, introspective, scientific…

Your description will help me recommend or find locations for your portraits.

I’ve taken photos on roller coasters, at the Botanic Gardens, on mountaintops, in the water. I know dozens of locations. I am willing to explore and find more. I want you to have the perfect location for YOUR senior photos.

Image of Senior near rollercoaster.
Image of Senior in front of Marilyn Monroe mural.
Senior man outside historic building.
Senior woman in vintage doorway.
Senior man outside log cabin.
Senior in historic dining room.