The most common question that I am asked is, “What should we wear for family photos?”

It’s a really good question, and the answer is worth your attention. Let’s face it: you are investing in family portraits that will be enlarged and framed on your walls, sent to extended family, shared on Facebook. If you heed 3 simple guidelines, you will be thrilled to display and share the images that result.

  1. Choose a harmonious color scheme. If your family is wearing colors that work together, then you will notice the people in the photos – not the neon yellow shirt in a sea of blue hues.

Please note: this does not mean that everyone in the family is wearing the same thing, such as a white top and black bottoms. You are a family of unique personalities – not a work crew in a uniform. Your family members will want to wear colors and styles that they like – so give everyone that freedom. Consider a color scheme of blues and purples. Or grey, blue and green. Or yellow, orange and beige.

Just be sure that when you are all together, there isn’t one person that stands out in the crowd. Interesting note: the human eye is drawn to contrast, so if there is one person who is wearing an out-of-scheme color, that person will dominate the photo.

  1. Contrast with your skin tone. Whether dark skinned or light, it is important that clothing next to your face contrast with your skin tone. If the tones are too similar, your face will appear washed out.

African-Americans: avoid dark brown and black. Caucasians: avoid peach, light yellow, and tan. You get the idea.

  1. Keep outfits simple and comfortable. As we move through our photo session, you may be sitting on a chair, or on the ground, or holding a baby, or walking along a creek. We may play a few games to get the kids in a good mood.

We’ll want the focus to be on you and your family and how you interact together – not on keeping outfits ‘just so’ for photos.

Leave the complicated accessories, elaborate wraps, strappy shoes at home. Come in clothes and shoes that you will be comfortable cuddling in.

Family photo with all wearing purple and blue hues.
Family photo with all wearing blues.