"We do not remember days, we remember moments."

- Cesare Pavese

Who I am

I am a photographer and artist living in Golden, Colorado with my husband and two daughters. When you walk through my home, you see images of my family at all stages and states: babies crying, toddlers teetering, teens joking, pets slobbering, my husband and I beaming. I am surrounded by this love and these moments, and they bring me profound joy every day

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What I do

I deliver this same joy to you: images that reveal you, your life moments, your relationships. I take time to know you, learn what is meaningful for you, and then create an environment where I can capture your unique spark.

I promise this: a unique photography session based on you/your family and your interests. We can spend time in my studio, a location of your choice, or any of the dozens of locations that I recommend.

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